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360º Video

Explore the Lagos Ciência Viva Science Centre through 360-degree videos, also known as immersive videos or spherical videos. mais

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Christmas workshops - - 17»21 dec | 27»28 dec

17»21 dec | 27»28 dec
The CCVL realizes fun science workshops for children from 6 to 12 years. Register now! mais

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Educational Offer 2018/2019

The Educational Offer 2018/2019 of the Center is now available for consultation and download.

Registrations: 282 770 000 | mais

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Circuitos Ciência Viva

Let yourself be guided by the curiosity with the guide, card and app of Circuitos Ciência Viva.
There are 18 travel destinations in Portugal, always with a Ciência Viva centre as host, 54 routes and more than 200 stages to explore with science and culture.

Learn more at mais

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Urban Geology and Paleontology Guides of Lagos, Faro e Tavira

These bilingual books, Portuguese and English, written by Luís Azevedo Rodrigues and Margarida Agostinho, aim to present the rocks and fossils that are part of churches, monuments and other urban buildings in the city.

How to buy these Guides mais

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Tender procedure for doctorate hiring

Rectification to the announcement for the opening of an international selection tender procedure for doctorate hiring pursuant to article 23 of decree-law no. 57/2016 of 29.08, as amended by law no. 57/2017, of 19.07, to exercise the duties of management and communication activities of science and technology in the scientific area(s) of Biology, specialty of Population Biology mais

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The Exhibition

People of all ages are invited to participate in activities and interactive exhibitions. mais

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Family Ticket + Workshop

Visit the Centre with your family and do a Workshop activity!
There are several workshop options such as Programming robots, Viscous monsters or 3d pens.

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Dinosaur Tracks in Boa Vista Magazine

Article on the dinosaur tracks (English and Portuguese) of the Salema and Santa beaches and the outreach work of Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos. mais

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Anniversaries with Science

From playing with your friends, snack and sing “happy birthday”, you can also visit the center and take part in an experimental scientific activity while having fun. mais

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Dinosaur Tracks Visits

Guided visits to the dinosaur tracks and Geology of Salema or Santa Beach. mais

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Partnership with CP

Organized groups who visit us have a 15% discount on the train journey.
Valid for roundtrip tickets for regional trains of the Algarve line.
A Partnership with CP. mais

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Ciência Viva à Conversa

You can now listen podcast "Ciência Viva À Conversa", a partnership between the Algarve Ciencia Viva centres and the Radio Universitária do Algarve. mais